Can You Fit a Motorcycle in a Truck Bed?

Whether you want to transport your motorcycle across town or across the country, you may be wondering whether you can fit it in the bed of your truck. The answer depends on the size of your motorcycle and the size of your truck bed.

The length of a motorcycle and its wheels will determine how much room it needs in a truck bed. The average full-size pickup truck has a 6-7 foot long cargo bed. If you have a larger bike, such as a touring bike or a cruiser, it may be too long to fit in the truck bed without having to remove either the front or rear wheel.

In addition to length, height must be considered as well. Some bikes are tall enough that they don’t fit under the cab of the truck, but they could still fit in the back if they’re not too wide. Make sure that your bike won’t stick up too high above the cab when loaded into the truck.

Loading Tips:

  • Secure Your Bike: Make sure that your bike is securely tied down so it doesn’t shift while driving.
  • Use Straps: Use straps or other tie-downs to keep your bike from moving around in the truck bed.
  • Use Soft Materials: Place soft blankets or other materials between your bike and any metal surfaces in order to protect it from scratches.

In Conclusion:

Whether you can fit a motorcycle in a truck bed depends on several factors including size, weight, and height. You may need to remove one of the wheels or use extra straps for added security before loading your bike into a pickup truck. Be sure to use soft materials between metal surfaces to prevent scratching and secure all tie-downs before driving.


Can You Fit A Motorcycle In A Truck Bed? Yes – with proper planning and taking into account size, weight and height limitations!

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