Can You Live in Truck With Camper Shell?

Living in a truck with a camper shell is becoming more and more popular among adventurers, budget travelers, and those who want to downsize their lives. It’s an affordable way to get on the road and explore the world without having to worry about hotel or rental costs. But is it really possible to live out of a truck with a camper shell?

The Pros

The main advantage of living in a truck with a camper shell is that you can take your home with you wherever you go. This means that there’s no need to rent or buy an RV or trailer, which can be expensive and difficult to maneuver.

With a truck and camper shell, you can just drive wherever you want, set up camp wherever you please, and move on whenever you’re ready. Additionally, trucks are cheaper to maintain than most RVs and trailers, so if you’re on a tight budget this is definitely something worth considering.

The Cons

While living in a truck with a camper shell might sound like the perfect solution for adventurous nomads, there are some downsides that cannot be overlooked. The first is storage space; while some people may be able to make do with minimal possessions, most will find that they quickly run out of room once they start living in the truck full time. Additionally, depending on where you plan on camping out it may not always be legal or safe to do so; make sure you check local laws before setting up camp just about anywhere!

Finally, depending on the size of your camper shell it may not be comfortable enough for long-term living; if you plan on spending several months at a time in your vehicle then it may be worth investing in something bigger or more luxurious.


Living in a truck with a camper shell can definitely be done but there are some drawbacks to consider before taking the plunge.

It’s an affordable way to get around but storage space may become an issue over time and certain campsites may not allow vehicles as small as yours. If this sounds like something that appeals to you then go ahead – just make sure you weigh all your options first!

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