Can You Make a 2WD RC Car 4WD?

Today, RC cars are a combination of engineering and art. Many enthusiasts build and modify them to their own specifications.

One popular modification is to make an RC car 4WD instead of 2WD. But can this be done?

The answer is yes – you can make a 2WD RC car 4WD, but it requires some knowledge and skill. To do this, you will need to purchase or fabricate additional drivetrain components such as an axle, differential, transmission, motor mounts and additional motors. You will also need to modify the chassis of the car in order for the new parts to fit properly.

The process of making a 2WD RC car 4WD is not overly complicated but it does require some mechanical know-how and attention to detail. Once all the components are in place and correctly installed, your RC car should have improved traction and handling on any surface. This will give you an extra edge when racing against other cars.

In addition to increased performance on the track, making your 2WD RC car 4WD has other benefits as well. It makes your car more durable since it can handle more stress from sharp turns or bumps in the road without breaking down. If you plan on driving your car off-road or over rough terrain, making it 4WD will give you more control over the vehicle.


Making a 2WD RC car 4WD is possible with some mechanical skill and knowledge. The process requires purchasing or fabricating new drivetrain components as well as modifying the chassis of the vehicle. Doing so will give your RC car improved traction and handling while also increasing its durability when driving on rough terrain.

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