Can You Move a Camper Without a Truck?

The answer is, yes!

To do this, you need to make sure that the camper can be towed, and that the vehicle you are using for towing has the capacity to pull it.

The first step in determining if your camper can be towed is to look at the camper’s manual. The manual should tell you how much weight the camper weighs, and what type of tow vehicle it should be attached to.

If your camper does not have a manual, or if it does not say anything about towing, you will need to weigh your camper and look up the manufacturer’s specifications online.

Once you know how much weight your camper weighs, it is time to determine if your current vehicle has the capacity to tow it. You will need to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual and see what type of tow rating it has.

This rating will tell you how much weight your vehicle is capable of safely pulling.

If your vehicle has enough capacity for pulling your camper, then all that is left is making sure that everything is properly connected before you begin driving. This includes connecting the tow hitch on both vehicles and making sure that all lights are working properly on both vehicles as well.

If all of these steps are taken care of, then you are good to go!


In conclusion, yes you can move a camper without a truck as long as both vehicles have proper tow ratings and all connections are secure before driving off.

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