Can You Move an Upright Piano in a Pickup Truck?

Moving an upright piano is no easy task, and it requires the right equipment and expertise. While it may be tempting to attempt to move an upright piano in a pickup truck, this is generally not safe or recommended.

Upright pianos are large and heavy, often weighing over 800 pounds. Additionally, they have delicate inner workings and can be easily damaged if not handled properly. Therefore, hiring a professional piano mover is the safest option when relocating an upright piano.

A professional piano mover will have the right equipment to move your piano safely and efficiently. This includes dollies, ramps, straps, and blankets to protect your instrument from scratches or dents during transport.

Additionally, they will know how to properly load and unload the instrument without damaging it. Professional movers also have experience in navigating staircases and tight corners that may require special techniques.

In addition to having the right tools for the job, a professional mover will also know how to properly secure the instrument in the truck for transport. This involves strapping or blocking it in place so that it does not shift during transit. An upright piano should never be placed in a pickup truck without being securely strapped down as it could cause serious damage if it shifts suddenly.


Can you move an upright piano in a pickup truck? While it may be possible with some effort, it is generally not recommended due to the size and weight of these instruments as well as their delicate inner workings. Hiring a professional piano mover is strongly advised for anyone looking to relocate an upright piano safely.

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