Can You Put a Bed in Pickup Truck?

Although it’s not a traditional sleeping setup, many people choose to put a bed in a pickup truck for various reasons. It can be used as a place to sleep while camping or as an alternative to a more expensive camper trailer.

Many pickups come with the ability to fold down their back windows, making it easy to make a comfortable bed inside the cab. Additionally, some bed frames are made specifically for use in trucks and can offer greater comfort than sleeping on the bare metal.

The first step in putting a bed into your pickup truck is to measure the available space and then purchase an appropriate mattress or frame. If you’re using an aftermarket frame, make sure that it fits snugly against the walls of your pickup truck so that it won’t slide around when you drive.

You may also want to consider purchasing extra padding or cushions for added comfort. Additionally, you should ensure that your bed frame is strong enough to support your weight and any cargo you plan on carrying in the back of your truck.

If you are looking for added convenience, there are several options available when it comes to adding storage space underneath your truck bed. Some models come with slide-out drawers that allow you to store items like camping gear or extra clothing without taking up too much space. Other models come with built-in shelving units which can provide additional storage and keep items within easy reach.

Finally, if you plan on using your pickup truck bed as a makeshift bedroom while camping or traveling, consider investing in some additional amenities such as blackout curtains or window covers which will help keep out light and noise while still allowing airflow into the cab. You may also want to purchase additional blankets and pillows if needed.


In conclusion, having a bed inside a pickup truck can be beneficial for many different reasons. With careful planning and preparation, anyone can easily create an effective sleeping setup inside their pickup truck cab – all without breaking the bank.

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