Can You Put a Dog Crate in the Bed of a Truck?

If you’ve been considering putting a dog crate in the bed of your truck, you’re not alone. Many pet owners are turning to this option as a way to safely transport their furry friends. But before you make the decision, there are some important things to consider.

The first thing to determine is if the bed of your truck is large enough for the crate. If it’s too small, then it won’t be safe for your pet and could even cause injury.

You should also be sure to double check that the crate is securely fastened so that it doesn’t move around during transit. It’s also important to make sure that the floor of the crate is covered with a non-skid material so that your dog doesn’t slip and slide while in transit.

Another thing to consider when placing a dog crate in the bed of your truck is whether or not you have adequate ventilation for your pet. You don’t want them over heating or breathing in exhaust fumes while you are driving. If possible, crack a window open and place a fan near the crate so that your pup has plenty of fresh air.

When it comes to safety, visibility is key. Be sure that you can see your pup through both side mirrors so that you can check on them periodically while driving. If they can see out they may be less anxious while on their journey.


Putting a dog crate in the bed of your truck can be an ideal way to transport your pup without having them loose in the cab, but there are several safety considerations that need to be made first. Be sure that there is enough space for them, they are securely fastened down and have adequate ventilation and visibility before hitting the road.

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