Can You Put a Gooseneck in a Short Bed Truck?

Gooseneck hitches have become the preferred method for hauling heavy loads and trailers. They feature a removable ball that is mounted in the bed of the truck and allows for a more secure and stable way to tow.

But what if you own a short bed truck? Can you still use a gooseneck hitch? The answer is yes, you can put a gooseneck in a short bed truck, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

The first thing to consider is whether your truck has enough clearance for the hitch. Gooseneck hitches require more space than other types of hitches because of the large ball that sticks up from the bed of the truck. Short bed trucks usually have limited clearance, so it’s important to make sure your hitch will fit before making any purchases.

Another factor to consider is whether or not your truck has an integrated gooseneck hitch system. Some trucks are manufactured with an integrated gooseneck system that makes installation easier and provides additional support for heavier loads. If your truck does not have this option, you may need to purchase an aftermarket system or have one custom-made.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that your trailer and load are properly balanced when using a gooseneck hitch in a short bed truck. Gooseneck hitches provide greater stability than other types of hitches, but they can still be affected by an unbalanced load or trailer. Be sure to distribute the weight evenly between the front and rear axles on your trailer and make sure it’s properly secured before hitting the road.


Yes, you can put a gooseneck in a short bed truck but it’s important to take into account several factors such as clearance space, integrated systems and weight balance in order to ensure proper installation and safe use.

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