Can You Put a Ladder Rack on a Truck With a Bed Cover?

Truck bed covers offer a convenient way to carry items while protecting them from the elements. But what if you need to carry a ladder or other large items? Can you put a ladder rack on a truck with a bed cover?

The answer is yes, you can put a ladder rack on a truck with a bed cover.

Most truck bed covers are designed with an adjustable frame that allows for the installation of ladder racks and other accessories. The ladder rack attaches directly to the frame of the bed cover, allowing it to remain secure while in transit. Depending on the size and weight of the ladder, there may be additional supports needed to safely carry it on the truck.

Ladder racks come in many different sizes and styles depending on your specific needs. Some are designed for carrying ladders only, while others can be used for carrying larger items such as kayaks or canoes. It is important to make sure you get the right size and style of ladder rack for your particular truck model to ensure proper fitment and safety.

Advantages of Using Ladder Racks With Bed Covers

Using ladder racks with bed covers offers several advantages over traditional open-bed pickups. First, they provide extra security for your cargo by keeping it covered from wind, rain, dust and dirt. Secondly, having an enclosed cargo area helps protect against theft as it is more difficult for someone to access your items without being noticed.

Lastly, using a bed cover with a ladder rack allows you to transport taller items such as ladders without having them sticking out above the cab of your truck. This reduces wind drag which can improve fuel efficiency when travelling long distances.


Yes, you can put a ladder rack on a truck with a bed cover. Most modern truck bed covers have adjustable frames that allow for easy installation of various accessories including ladder racks. By using this setup, you can benefit from improved security and fuel efficiency while transporting taller items such as ladders.

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