Can You Put a Liftgate on a Pickup Truck?

For those who need a little bit more cargo space than what is offered by a regular pickup truck, the idea of putting a liftgate on a pickup truck is an attractive option. A liftgate is essentially a large platform that can be raised and lowered, allowing you to easily move large items from one place to another. With the help of a liftgate, it’s much easier to load and unload heavy equipment or furniture from your pickup truck.

The most common type of liftgate for pickup trucks is the tailgate-style liftgate. This type of liftgate is mounted onto the rear of the pickup truck and can be opened and closed manually.

When opened, it gives you access to the bed of the truck, allowing you to easily load and unload whatever you need to transport. Tailgate-style liftgates are usually quite affordable and easy to install.

Another option for adding extra cargo space to your pickup truck is a bed slide-in liftgate. This type of liftgate slides into the bed of your truck and locks into place when not in use.

When needed, it can be easily slid out and opened up, giving you access to whatever you need to move. Bed slide-in liftgates are slightly more expensive than tailgate-style models, but they offer more versatility in terms of loading and unloading heavy items.

If you’re looking for an even more convenient way to increase your cargo carrying capacity, then consider investing in an electric or hydraulic powered liftgate for your pickup truck. These types of liftgates offer increased convenience as they can be operated remotely with just the push of a button or lever. They also come with extra safety features such as automatic brakes that prevent them from sliding out when not in use.


In conclusion, adding a liftgate onto your pickup truck is an excellent way to increase its cargo carrying capacity without sacrificing on its durability or performance. Whether you opt for a tailgate-style model, bed slide-in design or electric/hydraulic powered option, there are plenty of options available so that you can find one that best suits your needs.

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