Can You Put a Short Bed on a Long Bed Truck?

If you have a long bed truck, you may be wondering if you can put a short bed on it. The answer is yes, with some modifications.

It is possible to replace the long bed of your truck with a short bed, but it requires some work and proper planning.

The first step in replacing the long bed of your truck is to get the correct size for the short bed. This can be done by measuring the existing long bed and then consulting with a dealer or parts store to get the proper size for your needs.

Once you have determined what size short bed you need, then you will need to purchase all of the necessary parts and tools required to complete the job. This includes new mounting hardware, screws, washers, nuts and bolts, as well as any additional items that may be needed such as sealant or gaskets.

After all of these items are purchased and gathered together, it is time to begin disassembling your existing long bed. You will need to remove the tailgate first and then unbolt any remaining pieces from their mounts on either side of the truck frame. With these pieces removed, you should now be able to lift off your old long bed.

Next, it is time to start assembling your new short bed. Start by attaching all of the mounting hardware from your kit onto the frame rails of your truck using screws and bolts. Make sure each piece is properly secured before moving onto the next step.

Once everything has been mounted securely into place, it’s time to install your new short bed onto your truck frame. Begin by setting it in place over top of all of its mounting points and then secure each piece with washers and nuts or bolts as needed.


In conclusion, while it may take some effort and planning on your part, it is possible to replace a long bed on a truck with a shorter one. Make sure that you measure correctly before purchasing parts so that everything fits correctly once installed. With patience and dedication, soon enough you will have a brand-new short bed mounted onto your truck.

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