Can You Put a Stepside Bed on a Regular Bed Truck?

Can You Put a Stepside Bed on a Regular Bed Truck?

It is possible to put a stepside bed on a regular bed truck, although it is not an easy endeavor. A stepside bed is one that has the sides of the truck bed angled inward, creating a distinctive “step” look.

This type of bed is often seen on vintage trucks and gives them a unique, classic appearance. Putting this style of bed onto a regular truck can be done, but it will require some work.

The first step in putting a stepside bed onto a regular pickup truck is finding the right parts. This can take some research and time depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

If you are lucky enough to have access to an old model with this style of bed already installed, then it may be possible to just remove it from that vehicle and install it onto yours. Otherwise, you will have to look for aftermarket parts or salvage yards for compatible pieces that you can use for your project.

Once you have acquired the necessary parts, you will need to make sure they fit correctly onto your vehicle by trial-and-error testing and adjustments. It may take some tinkering with measurements and angles before everything fits correctly as you want it to. It is important to ensure that you are taking all safety precautions during this process as any mistakes could compromise the integrity of your vehicle’s frame or cause other issues down the line.

Finally, if you’re feeling up to it, you can customize your new stepside bed even further by adding accessories such as running boards, headlights or taillights, or any other custom touches that suits your taste. Doing this requires additional research into compatible parts and an eye for detail so as not to overdo it or make any design mistakes with your setup.

Overall, putting a stepside bed on a regular pickup truck can be done and can give an older model truck an entirely new look – but only if done properly! Taking all safety precautions during installation and making sure the pieces fit correctly are essential for achieving good results with this project.


In conclusion, installing a stepside bed onto a regular pickup truck is definitely possible but requires some effort in terms of researching compatible parts and making adjustments until everything fits in place properly. Safety should always be taken into consideration when tackling this kind of project as mistakes could lead to costly repairs down the line. With enough patience and determination however, anyone can give their vehicle an entirely new look with this DIY upgrade!

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