Can You Put a Truck Camper in a Jeep Truck?

The idea of putting a truck camper in a jeep truck may seem outrageous, but it can actually be done. Truck campers are designed to fit into the bed of a standard truck, but with some clever modifications, you can make them fit into the back of a jeep truck as well. This is an attractive option for those who have limited storage space or are looking for an alternative way to enjoy camping trips.

The first step in fitting a truck camper into a jeep truck is to measure the bed of the jeep and ensure that it is large enough to accommodate the camper. The camper should also be securely fastened so that it does not shift during travel.

It is important to use high-quality mounting hardware that is designed for the specific model of camper being used. Once the measurements have been taken, you can begin making modifications to the bed of the jeep.

You will need to remove any accessories such as tailgates or rear bumpers that could interfere with the fit of the camper in order to make room. You may also need to cut off excess material from the bed or add additional support beams if necessary. Once all of these modifications have been made, you can then install your chosen truck camper into the bed.


Installing a truck camper into a jeep truck requires some special tools and techniques. You will need an electric drill to create holes for mounting bolts, and you may also need additional tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and socket sets. It is important to follow all instructions carefully when installing your chosen model so that it fits properly and does not cause any damage.

Once all of these steps have been completed, you will be ready to enjoy your new camping experience with your truck camper in your jeep truck! With careful planning and preparation, it is possible to fit a truck camper into a jeep truck with relative ease.


In conclusion, it is possible to put a truck camper in a Jeep Truck with some careful planning and preparation. The key is making sure that you measure correctly before starting any modifications and ensuring that all components are securely mounted once they are installed. With this knowledge in hand, you can enjoy camping trips like never before!

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