Can You Rent a Pickup Truck From Lowes?

When you have a large item to move or a job to do, renting a pickup truck from Lowes can be a great solution. Not only is it convenient, but it can save you time and money in the long run.

Lowes offers a wide range of pickups for rent that are perfect for hauling, transporting and completing projects of all sizes. You can rent anything from an 8-foot pickup to a 15-foot one-ton dually with an extended cab. All pickups come with automatic transmission and air conditioning, making them easy to use and comfortable to ride in.

When renting a pickup truck from Lowes, there are several different options available to choose from. You can rent the truck on an hourly basis or for a full 24 hours. There is also the option of renting it with additional accessories like tow hitches, ladders and more depending on your needs.

The cost of renting a pickup truck from Lowes will depend on several factors such as the size and type of vehicle you need as well as how long you need it for. Generally speaking, rental rates start at around $25 per hour or $75 per day and increase depending on the size of the vehicle and any additional accessories that may be needed.

Renting from Lowes is easy and hassle-free as they provide all the information you need to get started right on their website or over the phone. You will also find helpful resources such as tips on loading your items safely as well as information about insurance coverage for your rental vehicle.


In conclusion, yes you can rent a pickup truck from Lowes if you have something large that needs moving or transporting. They have several different options available at competitive prices with additional accessories if needed. Renting is easy with all the information being provided online or over the phone.

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