Can You Tow a 5th Wheel Camper With a Lifted Truck?

Absolutely! In fact, in some cases, a lifted truck is better equipped to tow a 5th wheel camper than an unmodified truck.

A lifted truck can provide additional ground clearance when towing, which makes it easier to drive over rough terrain and through deep water. Higher ground clearance also means there is more space between the trailer and the ground, which decreases the risk of damage to the trailer or its contents.

Lifted trucks are often equipped with larger tires than regular trucks.

This provides improved traction when pulling a heavy load, as well as better stability while driving. Additionally, larger tires reduce wear and tear on the engine since they require less power to turn them.

Finally, some lifted trucks have been modified to accommodate extra weight capacity for towing. This can be beneficial for heavier trailers like fifth-wheel campers, as it allows you to safely tow heavier loads without fear of overloading your truck or trailer.


In conclusion, a lifted truck can be an ideal choice for towing a 5th wheel camper due to its increased ground clearance and larger tires for improved traction and stability. Additionally, some trucks have been modified for extra weight capacity when towing heavier trailers.

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