Can You Tow a Trailer With a U-Haul Truck?

Towing a trailer with a U-Haul truck is a relatively easy task and one that can be accomplished with the proper preparation and knowledge. Many people choose to tow trailers for recreational activities such as camping, fishing, or hauling cargo. U-Haul trucks are an excellent option for those looking to tow a trailer due to their large capacity, durability, and affordability.

Before you start towing a trailer with your U-Haul truck, there are some important steps that need to be taken in order to ensure safety. First and foremost, you should always familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations regarding trailers as these vary from state to state. You should also make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the proper towing equipment such as ball mounts, hitch receivers, safety chains, and brakes.

Once your U-Haul truck is properly prepared for towing a trailer, it’s time to assess the weight of the trailer. U-Haul trucks have maximum weight capacities ranging from 3,500 pounds up to 10,000 pounds depending on the model of truck you have.

You want to make sure that you don’t overload your truck as this can cause damage or even worse put you in danger while on the road.

In addition to assessing the weight of your trailer before you tow it with your U-Haul truck, you also want to make sure that all of its parts are in good working order. This includes checking tires for wear and tear as well as inspecting brakes for any issues. It’s important that these parts are functioning properly in order for your vehicle and trailer combination to travel safely down the road.

Finally, if you plan on driving long distances with your trailer in tow it’s always beneficial to practice beforehand so you can get accustomed to driving with the extra weight behind you. Take some time out of your day and drive around town or find an empty parking lot where you can practice turning corners and braking smoothly.


In conclusion, it is possible to tow a trailer with a U-Haul truck if certain safety precautions are taken beforehand such as familiarizing yourself with local laws regarding trailers and assessing the weight of the trailer before attempting any long distance travels. With proper preparation and knowledge, anyone can safely tow a trailer using their U-Haul truck.

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