Can You Turn a Long Bed Truck Into a Short Bed?

Turning a long bed truck into a short bed is a popular customization project that many truck owners embark on. It can be done relatively easily, though it does require the right tools and materials.

The main benefit of turning a long bed truck into a short bed is that it increases the vehicle’s maneuverability and provides a better ride quality. Additionally, it can improve the look of the vehicle and make it more desirable to potential buyers in the future.

What You Need To Do

The first step in turning your long bed truck into a short bed is to remove any parts that may inhibit your work, such as bumpers, lights, and mirrors. Once these have been removed, you need to measure the length of the existing bed to determine how much of it needs to be cut off. You will then need to use an angle grinder or sawzall to cut away any excess material from the frame.

After making sure that everything is properly measured and marked off, you should move on to cutting away any additional material from either side of the frame. It is important to be careful when making these cuts as they will determine how good the finished product looks. Once all of this has been completed, you should then weld any remaining seams that were created by cutting away material.

Finishing Touches

Finally, you should add new bumpers and other accessories so that your new short bed truck looks perfect. If you plan on painting your vehicle after this process has been completed, make sure to sand down any areas where paint might not stick properly.

This will ensure that your new vehicle looks great for years to come.

Yes, you can turn a long bed truck into a short bed with relative ease if you have the right tools and materials. However, it requires precision and an attention to detail in order for it to be done correctly. If done correctly, this customization project can improve both performance and aesthetic appeal by reducing weight and improving maneuverability.

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