Can You Uber a Pickup Truck?

When you think of using an Uber, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a car. But what if you need something bigger? Can you Uber a pickup truck?

The answer is yes! You can now use the popular ride-sharing service to book a pickup truck. The new service, called “UberXL”, allows you to order a larger vehicle when your regular Uber car isn’t quite enough.

The new feature was rolled out in select cities in the United States and Canada in May 2017. The trucks are usually full-sized, four-door pickups with at least four seats. They are perfect for transporting larger items such as furniture or large boxes.

How does it work?

Booking an UberXL is just like booking any other type of Uber. Just open the app and select “UberXL” from the list of available vehicles. You will then be given an estimated price for your ride and can choose to confirm your booking.

What about safety?

Safety is always a top priority for Uber. All drivers have to pass a rigorous background check before they can become an Uber driver, regardless of what type of vehicle they are driving. All vehicles are also inspected regularly and must meet certain safety standards before they can be used.


Yes, you can now use Uber to book a pickup truck if you need something bigger than their regular cars. The new service, called “UberXL”, is available in select cities in the United States and Canada and offers safe, reliable transportation for those who need it.

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