Can You Use Any Remote Control for RC Car?

No matter whether you’re an experienced RC car enthusiast or an absolute beginner, it’s essential to know if you can use any remote control for your RC car. The answer is, unfortunately, no.

While some remote controls are universal and will work with several different types of electronics, this is not the case with RC cars. Each model requires its own specific type of remote control in order to function properly.

This is because each brand and model of RC car will have its own unique set of features and functions that need to be controlled by a compatible remote control. The most important feature in the remote control is the frequency band it uses. This determines the range at which your car can be operated from and how many other users can operate their cars in the same area as you without interference.

Another factor in choosing a compatible remote control for your RC car is its power source. Most current RC cars are powered by either NiMH batteries or LiPo batteries, and each type requires a specific type of circuitry within its corresponding remote control. If you buy a battery-powered RC car, make sure that the remote control you choose has the correct circuitry to power it up.

Types Of Remote Control

There are two main types of remotes used for controlling RC cars: 2-channel remotes and 4-channel remotes. 2-channel remotes are suitable for basic models such as basic buggies or drift cars.

They allow you to steer left/right and accelerate/brake. 4-channel remotes are more advanced and suitable for higher end models such as rally or monster trucks, as they allow additional functions such as four wheel steering or differential locking.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that when purchasing an RC car, you must also purchase a compatible remote control in order to use it correctly. Different brands and models require different types of remotes with different frequencies and power sources – so make sure to double check before making your purchase!

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