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JConcepts Landmines 1.9 Performance Scale Tires

Normally you’d want to avoid land mines, but in the case of the new JConcepts 1.9 Landmines, you’ll probably want to get some. JConcepts states the Landmines are performance scale tire and were developed over a two-year period of testing, tuning and analysis. The split-block center design has been sliced, stepped and recessed for flexibility…

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JConcepts SCT Fling King Tires

Little backstory: the main driver of the popular Grave Digger monster truck, Dennis Anderson, got his motor sports start, not in car crushing, but in down-and-dirty competitive mud bogging. In fact, Grave Digger was a mud truck long before it was ever a monster truck. Working on a working man’s budget, Anderson got a little…

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T-Bone Racing Maxximus Front Bumper for Traxxas Maxx

Talk about fast. The Traxxas Maxx is still brand new, and while many people haven’t even seen one in person yet, the crew at T-Bone Racing already has two new bumper options. T-Bone Racing made a name for itself via its nearly indestructible bumpers and similar accessories. For the Maxx, T-Bone Racing has two offerings….

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Pro-Line Avenger HP 1/8 Buggy Belted Tires

Pro-Line has increased its lineup of belted tires to include on-road tire for 1/8-scale buggies. The Avenger HP 1:8 Buggy Belted tires have what Pro-Line describes as a high-performance herringbone weave pattern belt on the inside of the tire. Since they are reinforced, the Avenger HP tires will not balloon or expand during use and will…

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Losi 1/5 DBXL-E 2.0 4WD Brushless Desert Buggy RTR

The big 1/5-scale Losi DBXL-E has been updated to 2.0 status. The original DBXL-E had a reputation of agile handling, impressive out-of-the-box speeds and noteworthy durability. Now, the Losi DBXL-E 2.0 looks to continue to build on that status with a bunch of new features and improvements. According to Losi, its designers have built the DBXL-E…

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Pit Bull RC Rocker Tread Insta-Trax

Off-roading is fun–until you get stuck. Full-size enthusiasts have been using devices such as sand ladders and traction boards for years. RC scalers have been doing the same because they look cool and, well, they work. For the most part, other than color, these traction aids have all pretty much looked the same. That has…

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Shark RC Bodies Hammerhead Street Stock Body

Thanks to the growing popularity of the Traxxas Slash on the dirt oval, relative newcomer Shark RC Bodies has, in turn, also become a popular choice. The latest from Shark RC Bodies, however, isn’t for short course trucks turned left handers. It’s a street stock body for 1/10-scale buggies. Like its big brothers, the Hammerhead…