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Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Traxxas Monster Jam Install & Review

Pro-Line–best known for tires and bodies–also has a respectable history of making aftermarket performance parts. During the reign of the Traxxas T-Maxx, Pro-Line’s MAXX suspension kit and Power Stroke shocks were the hot setup. In fact, the shocks were ahead of their time and close to drool worthy. Fast forward to the current era and…

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STRC Axial Wraith Aluminum Hop-ups Part 2

STRC Racing and the Axial Wraith. If you appreciate a little drama, you could consider it a match made in RC heaven. Both companies are at the top of their games. STRC is one of the more popular aftermarket companies–especially when it comes to aluminum parts–and the Wraith is one of the hottest trucks available….


Vanquish 2.2 SLW V6 Aluminum Rims Review

When I build a crawler, even a scale crawler, it’s all bout performance more than appearance. You know, function over form. Substance before beauty. I think you get the idea. I feel the same way about full-size trucks, and I’m not just saying that because current Jeep isn’t exactly a looker. I just don’t care…

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STRC Axial Wraith Aluminum Hop-ups Part 1

If you’re into RC–even if you’re somewhat anti-bling like me–you probably appreciate some aluminum. You may not want gobs of polished silver all over your truck (or maybe you do), but there’s no denying that, when used correctly, aluminum make can a truck a whole lot stronger and, yes, look pretty cool too. When I…

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Team Losi Racing 22T Preview

Before nitro dominated the racing scene and long before short course took over every track and turned the hobby back to electric, stadium trucks were the popular weekend warrior class. Unlike short course trucks with their scale appeal, stadium trucks only marginally resemble full-size race trucks. But what they lack in realism, they more than…

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Gmade R1 Rock Racer Review

  “That’s pretty sick!” That’s the reaction most people have when they check out the R1. Then they often ask who makes it. The answer is Gmade. Located in Korea, Gmade is a relatively unknown company among non-rock crawlers—even though it has been around since 2004.  Some people—those uninitiated to crawling—also often ask what exactly…