Did Airstream Make a Truck Camper?

Airstream, the iconic silver-bullet travel trailer, has been a staple among campers for over 85 years. But did Airstream ever make a truck camper? The answer is yes.

In the 1970s Airstream began producing their own line of truck campers known as the “Hi-Lo” series. These campers were designed to fit onto the beds of pickup trucks, providing an extra level of convenience and comfort when out camping. They featured a sleeping area that could be raised or lowered depending on the driver’s preference and were equipped with amenities such as running water, propane heat, and even a refrigerator.

The Hi-Lo series was only produced for a few years before being discontinued due to increasing competition in the truck camper industry. Despite this, many Airstream Hi-Lo campers can still be found today in working condition. Due to their unique design and construction these classic campers have become sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Airstream also produced a line of smaller pop up truck campers known as the “Lowrider” series which were designed to fit smaller trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma or Chevrolet S10. These models featured many of the same amenities as their larger Hi-Lo counterparts but were much easier to tow and maneuver in tight spaces. The Lowrider series was only produced for a few years before production ceased due to lack of demand.

Today Airstream is still producing high quality travel trailers but they are no longer making truck campers. While they may not be producing them anymore there is no doubt that Airstream left an indelible mark on the history of truck camping with their iconic Hi-Lo and Lowrider camper designs.

In conclusion, Airstream did indeed produce both Hi-Lo and Lowrider truck campers in the 1970s, however production ceased after only a few years due to increased competition in the market at that time.

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