Did AMC Ever Make a Pickup Truck?

Founded in 1954, American Motors Corporation (AMC) was a U.S. car company that became a popular brand for its innovative designs and technology, including the Jeep and Eagle lines of vehicles. But did AMC ever make a pickup truck? The answer is yes, but it wasn’t an official model produced by AMC.

The closest AMC ever got to producing a pickup truck was the Rambler American pickup truck, which was actually produced by independent contractor Hurst Performance Research. The Rambler American was based on the design of the Rambler American sedan platform and featured a short box-style bed with an extended cab and two doors.

It was powered by either a V6 or V8 engine, had an optional automatic transmission, and came with either an open or closed cab.

The Rambler American pickup truck was only available for one year in 1966 and only 1,500 were produced. Unfortunately, due to its limited production run and the fact that it wasn’t officially produced by AMC itself, it is now considered to be a rare collector’s item. Despite this, the Rambler American pickup is still beloved by many classic car enthusiasts for its unique design.


So while AMC never officially produced its own pickup truck model, it did have an unofficial variant produced in 1966 by independent contractor Hurst Performance Research called the Rambler American Pickup Truck. This limited-edition vehicle is now a rare collector’s item beloved by classic car enthusiasts for its unique design.

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