Did Caterpillar Ever Make a Pickup Truck?

Caterpillar Inc, more commonly known as Caterpillar, is an American corporation that designs, manufactures and sells construction, mining and forestry machinery for use in various industries around the world. Perhaps best known for its yellow construction equipment, Caterpillar has become a household name in the heavy industrial machinery industry.

Caterpillar has been manufacturing vehicles since 1925 when they began producing their own version of the Fordson tractor. Over the years they have expanded their range of vehicles to include motor graders, loaders, bulldozers and other types of excavators. But did Caterpillar ever make a pickup truck?

The answer is yes – in fact they made two. The first was the CAT 797F Mining Truck which was introduced in 2007.

This truck was designed as a large-capacity mine haul truck and featured a massive 4-axle chassis capable of carrying up to 400 tonnes of material. It also featured an advanced automated transmission system and could reach speeds of up to 96 km/h.

The second truck produced by Caterpillar was the CT660 Vocational Truck which was introduced in 2011. This medium-duty truck was designed for vocational applications such as municipal service or road construction work. It featured a 6-axle chassis and could carry up to 25 tonnes of material at speeds of up to 90 km/h.


So while it is true that Caterpillar did produce two pickup trucks – the CAT 797F Mining Truck and the CT660 Vocational Truck – these were never intended for general consumer use or recreational purposes. Instead they were designed with specific industrial applications in mind.

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