Did International Make a Pickup Truck?

International Harvester, more commonly known as IH, was a prolific American manufacturer of agricultural equipment and commercial trucks. Founded in 1902, IH became one of the biggest producers of pickup trucks in the United States.

From the 1940s to the early 1980s, IH developed some of the most iconic trucks on the market.

The Early Models

IH’s earliest pickup truck models were released in 1940 under the name K-series. They were available with either 2 or 4 wheel drive and came with a variety of engine sizes ranging from 4 to 12 cylinders. These models proved to be reliable and versatile, so they quickly gained popularity among farmers and ranchers.

The Scout Series

In 1961, IH released its first sport utility vehicle (SUV) called the Scout Series. This model had an all-steel body, which was revolutionary for that time period.

It was also equipped with a variety of features such as a removable top and fold-down windshield. The Scout Series proved to be extremely popular with off-road enthusiasts.

The Pickup Truck Revolution

In 1967, IH released its first pickup truck with an all-aluminum body called the 1000 series. This model was much lighter than previous models and came with a variety of features such as automatic locks and power steering. The 1000 series also featured an improved suspension system that made it better suited for hauling heavy loads.

The Final Models

IH’s last pickup truck model was released in 1983 under the name D-series. This model featured an improved four wheel drive system and a variety of engine options ranging from 5 to 8 cylinders. The D-series also had increased storage space compared to previous models.

Yes, International did make a pickup truck during their time as an agricultural equipment and commercial truck manufacturer from 1902 – 1983. They made several iconic models over this period including the K-Series, Scout Series, 1000 Series and D-Series which proved popular among farmers and ranchers due to their reliability and versatility as well as off road enthusiasts thanks to their removable tops and fold down windshields.

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