Did Mercedes Make a Pickup Truck?

Mercedes-Benz, the German automaker and one of the world’s most recognizable luxury car manufacturers, is no stranger to bold moves. From its revolutionary airbag system in 1981 to its recent decision to launch an all-electric lineup of vehicles, the company is known for pushing the envelope. Now, it seems Mercedes may be looking into another industry-shifting move: entering the pickup truck market.

Rumors about a Mercedes pickup have been swirling for years now. In 2015, it was reported that the company was developing a concept vehicle called the X-Class.

The X-Class was envisioned as a luxurious midsize pickup that would Target upscale buyers who were looking for something more than just a basic work truck. Although the concept never made it to production, some speculated that Mercedes was still interested in entering the market.

More recently, Mercedes has hinted that it could be taking steps towards launching an actual pickup truck. In 2019, Dieter Zetsche—the company’s CEO at the time—said that by 2020 they would decide whether or not they would enter this lucrative market. The company also announced plans to invest billions of dollars into its factories in Alabama and South Carolina with an eye towards producing larger vehicles.

It remains unclear what direction Mercedes will take with their hypothetical pickup truck. Some sources suggest that they may focus on creating an ultra-luxurious vehicle with features such as tailgate seats and high-end materials. Others think that Mercedes could opt for a more utilitarian approach and create a vehicle similar to those already available from other automakers.


It looks like Mercedes is seriously considering entering the pickup truck market. While nothing is certain yet, it seems likely that if they do decide to launch a model, it will be something unique and memorable in its own right. Only time will tell if Mercedes can make a successful foray into this competitive space.

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