Did Mini Make a Pickup Truck?

Mini, the British carmaker, has long been known for making small, stylish vehicles. However, one thing that Mini has never made is a pickup truck.

Recently, there have been rumors that Mini is considering producing a pickup truck to expand their lineup.

The idea of a Mini pickup truck is intriguing. The brand is well known for its small cars and would likely bring the same sense of style and fun to a pickup truck.

Additionally, Mini has recently released the Countryman SUV and Clubman wagon, both of which are larger than their typical vehicles. A pickup truck would be another way to expand the lineup with a larger vehicle.

Mini’s parent company BMW has experimented with pickups before with the X3 M-Sport Pickup Concept in 2010, but nothing ever came of it. There have also been rumors that Mini will produce an electric pickup in the future as well as reports that they are working on an all-electric version of their popular Cooper hatchback.

Still, there are some who think that a Mini pickup truck may not be such a great idea. They argue that the brand’s signature look and feel relies heavily on its small size and the addition of a large vehicle like a pickup could dilute the brand’s image.


It remains to be seen whether or not Mini will decide to make a pickup truck in the future. While there are certainly some potential benefits to doing so, it could also take away from what makes Mini special in the first place. Only time will tell if they decide to take this risk or not.

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