Did Shelby Make a Ford Pickup Truck?

In the automotive world, there is no doubt that Ford is one of the most iconic brands. The company has been producing quality vehicles for decades and their vehicles have been featured in countless movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. That being said, many people are curious as to whether or not Ford has ever produced a pickup truck.

The answer to this question is yes! Ford does have a history of producing pickup trucks, and one of the most iconic models was the Shelby F-150 pickup truck. This pickup truck was produced from 1966-1979 and was specifically designed for performance enthusiasts.

It featured a powerful V8 engine and many other features that made it stand out from other models at the time.

The Shelby F-150 had several design elements that set it apart from other pickups. It had an aerodynamic body shape with chrome accents, a two-tone paint job, and an upgraded suspension system. It also featured several performance upgrades such as an improved transmission and a modified engine that increased its power output significantly.

The Shelby F-150 was an incredibly popular vehicle during its production run and it’s still highly sought after by collectors today. It’s also fondly remembered by many people who were around during its production years as it was seen as a symbol of power and style by those who drove it or admired it from afar.


So did Shelby make a Ford Pickup Truck? The answer is yes! They produced the iconic Shelby F-150 pickup truck from 1966-1979 which featured several design elements that set it apart from other pickups at the time, as well as several performance upgrades that made it stand out even more.

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