Did Subaru Ever Make a Pickup Truck?

Throughout its history, Subaru has become known for producing powerful, reliable cars and SUVs, but one question remains: did Subaru ever make a pickup truck?

Although a pickup truck was never officially released by Subaru, some consider the Brat to be the closest thing to a pickup truck that the company ever produced. The Brat was a small vehicle with two bucket seats in the front and a flatbed in the back.

It was released in 1978 and had a 1.6L engine that could generate up to 90 horsepower. It also had an all-wheel drive system, which made it perfect for off-roading.

The Brat was quite popular in Japan and North America, but it wasn’t as successful in Europe. This is because it didn’t meet European regulations on emissions and safety standards. As such, it was only available for sale for about five years before production stopped completely.

In addition to the Brat, there have been other attempts by Subaru to produce a pickup truck over the years. The Bighorn was an SUV-like vehicle with four doors and an extended cab that could seat up to seven people. It also had a large cargo area that could fit plenty of luggage or tools.

Subaru also tried their hand at producing an electric pickup truck called the R1e in 2009. This vehicle featured a lithium-ion battery pack and two electric motors that could generate up to 115 horsepower. Despite its impressive specs, however, the R1e never made it into production due to cost concerns.


It is clear that while Subaru has experimented with various pickups over the years, none of them were ever officially released by the company. The closest thing they ever had to a pickup truck was the Brat back in 1978 which only lasted for about five years before production stopped completely.

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