Did Volkswagen Make a Pickup Truck?

Since the early days of Volkswagen, the company has produced a wide variety of vehicles – from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs and wagons. But one vehicle type the company has yet to produce is a pickup truck. That may be about to change.

Volkswagen has been teasing the possibility of a pickup truck for some time now, with concept vehicles such as the Tarok and Atlas Tanoak being unveiled in recent years. The Tarok Concept, for example, was unveiled at the 2018 Sao Paulo Motor Show and featured a unique design that combined the versatility of a pickup truck with the comfort of an SUV. The Atlas Tanoak Concept was then unveiled at the 2019 New York Auto Show and featured an even more rugged design with plenty of off-road capability.

While these concepts were just that – concepts – they have reignited interest in Volkswagen producing a pickup truck. The company has remained tight-lipped on details but there are some hints that they may be moving forward with plans to produce one. For example, Volkswagen has recently trademarked several different names for potential pickups including Taigun, Tharu and Taos.

It’s clear that Volkswagen is at least contemplating producing a pickup truck – but whether or not they go through with it remains to be seen. With competition from other automakers such as Ford and GM ramping up in this area, Volkswagen may decide that it isn’t worth the effort or expense to enter into this market.

The fact remains that if Volkswagen does decide to produce a pickup truck, it will likely be unlike anything else on the market today – combining both practicality and style into one package. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


Did Volkswagen make a pickup truck? It looks like they’re seriously considering it – but only time will tell if they actually follow through with plans to produce one.

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