Did VW Make a Pickup Truck?

Volkswagen is a well-known manufacturer of cars, and some people may be surprised to learn that the company has also made pickup trucks in the past. The Volkswagen Type 181, also known as the “Thing”, was released in 1968 and was produced for the North American market until 1979.

The vehicle was designed for off-roading and had four-wheel drive capabilities. It featured a removable top and doors, making it a desirable choice for those looking for an open-air vehicle.

The Thing had a unique look to it that set it apart from other vehicles on the road. It had an upright grille, round headlights, and a two-tone paint job with white on top and either red or blue on the bottom. Its interior featured simple but comfortable seating as well as plenty of storage space in the back.

The Volkswagen Thing was powered by either a 1.6L or 1.7L air-cooled engine, which provided enough power to get around in rough terrain. The vehicle’s suspension was designed to provide good handling off-road as well as on the pavement. It also had good fuel economy compared to other vehicles of its time.

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, production of the Volkswagen Thing ceased in 1979. In its place came the Rabbit Pickup Truck, which was based on VW’s small car platform and produced from 1979 to 1984. The Rabbit Pickup Truck was offered with either front or four-wheel drive configurations.


So did VW make a pickup truck? Yes they did!

The Volkswagen Type 181 (nicknamed “Thing”) first appeared in 1968 and remained in production until 1979 when safety concerns led to its discontinuation. Production then shifted to the Rabbit Pickup Truck which was available from 1979 until 1984.

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