Do Truck Bed Campers Have Bathrooms?

Truck bed campers are a great way to explore the great outdoors and enjoy nature from the comfort of your own vehicle. But do truck bed campers have bathrooms? The answer is yes and no, depending on the type and size of truck camper you choose.

Truck Bed Campers With Bathrooms

Many truck bed campers come with their own bathrooms. These typically include a toilet, shower, sink, and small vanity area.

Some are even equipped with a mini-fridge or microwave. These models tend to be larger and more expensive than other options, but they offer all the comforts of home while on the road.

Truck Bed Campers Without Bathrooms

For those who don’t need or want a full bathroom in their camper, there are plenty of options to choose from. Smaller pop-up campers may not have a bathroom but do offer sleeping space for up to four people. Many also come with kitchenettes that include a sink and small refrigerator so you can prepare meals on the go.

Portable Restroom Facilities

If you don’t mind making use of public restrooms or portable facilities, then you can opt for a truck bed camper without its own bathroom. This can save you money on both the purchase price and fuel costs since these models tend to be lighter weight than those with bathrooms built in. Plus, it’s easy to find public restrooms or portable restroom facilities wherever your travels take you.


Do truck bed campers have bathrooms? The answer depends on what type of camper you choose – some come with their own bathrooms while others don’t have any at all. If you prefer to use public restrooms or portable facilities when camping then a truck bed camper without its own bathroom may be your best option as it will save both money and fuel costs.

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