Do Truck Bed Covers Give You Better Gas Mileage?

Truck bed covers are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their trucks. They provide a layer of protection from the elements, and can help reduce drag on the truck which can improve gas mileage. But do truck bed covers really give you better gas mileage?

The answer is yes, in some cases. By reducing the amount of air turbulence in the truck’s bed, a tonneau cover can help reduce drag on the vehicle. This reduced drag makes it easier for the engine to move the truck forward, reducing fuel consumption and increasing fuel efficiency.

In addition, tonneau covers also shield your cargo from wind, rain and other harsh weather conditions that can cause extra drag on a vehicle.

Another way that tonneau covers can help improve gas mileage is by providing insulation against temperature changes. This helps keep temperatures inside your truck consistent which reduces strain on your engine, leading to improved fuel economy. Lastly, if you are carrying heavy items in your truck’s bed, a tonneau cover will help reduce strain on your suspension system which could ultimately lead to improved fuel economy over time as well.


In conclusion, it is clear that truck bed covers do have some potential benefits when it comes to improving your vehicle’s gas mileage. By reducing drag and providing insulation against temperature changes, they can help make your engine more efficient and ultimately lead to better fuel economy over time. However, it should be noted that not all tonneau covers are created equal and that some may offer more benefits than others depending on their design and construction materials.

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