Do Truck Bed Covers Help With Gas Mileage?

Truck bed covers can help with gas mileage in a variety of ways. From reducing drag to providing an aerodynamic advantage, these covers help your truck to function more efficiently, ultimately leading to improved fuel economy.

The most obvious way truck bed covers improve gas mileage is by reducing drag. When the tailgate of your truck is left open, air resistance increases considerably, resulting in your engine having to work harder and use more fuel. Truck bed covers seal the tailgate shut, eliminating that extra drag and allowing the truck to move through the air more easily.

Truck bed covers also provide an aerodynamic advantage by creating a “roof” over the cargo area. This roof helps reduce turbulence and air pockets that can slow down your vehicle, resulting in better fuel economy. Additionally, this “roof” helps prevent objects in the cargo area from flying out or becoming airborne when traveling at high speeds.

Finally, truck bed covers provide protection for items stored in the cargo area. This helps reduce drag since items aren’t exposed to wind resistance as they would be with an open tailgate. The overall weight of your vehicle is also reduced since bulky items are secured within the cargo area rather than hanging from the tailgate or dragging along behind you.

In conclusion, truck bed covers are a great way to improve gas mileage while providing an additional layer of protection for items stored in the cargo area. By reducing drag and providing an aerodynamic advantage, these covers can help you achieve better fuel efficiency and save money at the pump.

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