Do You Need a Tow Truck License in Texas?

When it comes to tow truck operations, Texas is one of the few states that requires operators to obtain a license in order to legally tow vehicles. Texas is serious about its regulations when it comes to tow truck drivers, as the state has strict laws in place to protect both the driver and the vehicle owner. The primary purpose of the license is to protect consumers from unscrupulous operators who may not be properly trained in safe and effective vehicle retrieval methods.

To obtain a tow truck license in Texas, an individual must first complete a training course. The course must be at least eight hours long and cover topics such as safety protocols, local ordinances, and proper operation of a tow truck.

After completing the course, applicants must pass an exam with a minimum score of 80%. This can be done at any Driver Education Center or at any approved testing center.

Once the training and testing requirements have been met, applicants can then apply for their license. Applications can be completed online or downloaded from the Department of Public Safety website. Along with their application form, applicants must also submit proof of completion of their training course and any certifications they may have obtained during the course.

Once an application has been approved by the Department of Public Safety, applicants will receive their official Tow Truck License. This license allows them to operate a tow truck lawfully within Texas state lines. Licenses must be renewed annually by submitting an updated application form along with proof of continued education.


In conclusion, if you plan on operating a tow truck in Texas you will need to obtain a Tow Truck License from the Department of Public Safety. This license requires training and testing prior to approval and must be renewed annually in order for it to remain valid.

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