Do You Remove Truck Camper When Camping?

Do you remove your truck camper when camping? It’s a debate that has been going on for years amongst truck owners. The answer, however, depends on the type of truck you have and the type of camping you plan to do.

For those who use their truck primarily for off-roading, it is recommended that they leave the camper attached to their trucks. This helps protect the camper from getting damaged while they are navigating various terrain. It also allows them to have all their gear easily accessible so they can enjoy their time in nature without having to worry about unloading and re-loading their equipment.

For those who plan on camping in more developed areas such as state parks or campgrounds, it is generally advised to remove their camper from the truck before setting up camp. Doing this not only makes it easier for campers to access all of their supplies and gear but it also helps keep the weight of the vehicle down and improves fuel economy when driving around the campsite.

Removing your truck camper also makes it easier to set up your campsite. Without having to worry about maneuvering around a large object, campers can quickly get set up and start enjoying their outdoor adventure. Additionally, removing a camper leaves more room in your bed for additional storage which could be beneficial if you are planning on heading out on longer trips.


It ultimately comes down to personal preference whether or not you should remove your truck camper when camping. However, if you are using your truck primarily for off-roading then it is recommended that you leave it attached while if you are camping in developed areas such as state parks or campgrounds then it might be worth considering removing it so that setting up camp is made easier and you have additional storage room in your bed.

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