Does a Truck Camper Shell Increase Gas Mileage?

A truck camper shell is a special accessory that is used to cover the bed of a pickup truck. The purpose of this is to protect the contents of the bed from the elements, while also providing additional storage space.

This type of accessory has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to its versatility and convenience. But does a truck camper shell increase gas mileage?

The short answer is yes – in some cases, a truck camper shell can actually improve gas mileage. This is because it reduces the amount of air resistance that the vehicle has to overcome as it moves through the air.

With less air resistance, there is less drag on the engine, which ultimately leads to better fuel economy. Additionally, some experts believe that a well-designed camper shell can actually help reduce wind noise at high speeds, which can also lead to improved fuel efficiency.

On the other hand, using a truck camper shell can also have some negative effects on fuel economy. For one thing, these shells are typically quite heavy and bulky.

This added weight puts more strain on the engine as it has to work harder in order to move all that extra weight around. Additionally, if you’re carrying any cargo in your bed, it will be more exposed to wind drag with a camper shell installed.

Overall, while there are certain benefits associated with using a truck camper shell, they don’t always result in improved fuel economy. It all depends on how you use it and what type of vehicle you have. If you’re looking for better gas mileage from your pickup truck, then investing in a quality camper shell may be worth considering.


In conclusion, using a truck camper shell may increase gas mileage in some cases but not always depending on how you use it and what type of vehicle you have. Ultimately whether or not investing in one will result in improved fuel efficiency will depend on your specific situation.

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