Does a Truck Get Better Gas Mileage With a Camper Shell?

Having a camper shell on the back of your truck is one of the great ways to increase gas mileage. It has been proven that having a camper shell can help increase fuel efficiency by up to 10%.

This is because the shell provides an aerodynamic advantage by reducing drag and wind resistance, which helps to reduce the amount of energy needed to move your vehicle. Additionally, the camper shell helps to keep your truck bed free from dirt and debris so that it does not get clogged up with items that can cause air resistance.

The camper shell also provides a more comfortable environment for you when you are driving. It keeps out wind, rain, and other elements which can cause wear and tear on your vehicle as well as make it difficult for you to stay comfortable while driving. This means that you will be able to drive longer distances without having to stop and take breaks due to being uncomfortable.

Another great way that a camper shell can help improve gas mileage is by providing more storage space in the back of your truck. A larger cargo area means that you can carry more items without having to overload your vehicle with extra weight, which in turn will reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, if you have a hard-shell camper, it will provide additional protection for your cargo, ensuring that nothing gets damaged during transport.

There are also additional benefits of having a camper shell on your truck such as protection from theft and vandalism as well as improved visibility when driving at night. All of these factors will help contribute towards improving gas mileage.


Overall, having a camper shell on the back of your truck can definitely improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%. Not only does it reduce drag and wind resistance but it also provides additional storage space and protection for cargo while keeping out weather and other elements during travel. All in all, it makes sense why many truck owners choose to add a camper shell onto their vehicle.

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