Does Anyone Make a Regular Cab Pickup Truck?

The regular cab pickup truck has long been a staple of the American automotive industry. From the utilitarian Ford F-150 to the luxurious Ram 1500, regular cab pickups have been a go-to choice for drivers who need a capable vehicle for towing, hauling, and simply getting around. But in recent years, many automakers have phased out the regular cab style pickup in favor of extended and crew cab models.

The reasoning behind this shift is simple: Extended and crew cab pickups provide more interior space and passenger capacity. This makes them attractive to drivers who need more room for passengers or cargo and don’t want to sacrifice performance or capability.

The downside, however, is that extended and crew cab pickups generally cost more than their regular cab counterparts. This can be a deterrent for some buyers who are looking for an affordable option.

But there are still some automakers who offer regular cab pickups. Ford’s F-150 lineup includes both extended and crew cabs as well as a regular cab variant.

The same goes for Ram’s 1500 lineup, although the regular cab model has been discontinued in recent years. Other automakers like Nissan and Chevrolet also offer regular cab versions of their popular pickup trucks.

So does anyone make a regular cab pickup truck? The answer is yes: While most automakers have shifted towards extended and crew cabs, there are still some that offer the traditional single-cab design. These models may not be as spacious or luxurious as their extended or crew cab counterparts, but they can still provide an affordable option for drivers who need a capable truck without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, while extended and crew cabs may be the go-to choice for many drivers today, there are still some automakers that offer traditional single-cab pickup trucks. These models may not offer as much interior space or luxury features but they can provide an affordable solution that won’t sacrifice capability.

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