Does Anyone Make a Single Cab Short Bed Truck?

The short bed truck has been a staple of the American automotive industry for decades, but with the advent of the more fuel efficient and spacious full-size crew cab pickups, the single cab short bed truck has become a rarity. Although there are still some single cab short bed trucks on the market, they are few and far between.

The single cab short bed truck is often referred to as a “half-ton” pickup because it can only carry around one half of a ton in payload. It also typically has a smaller engine than its full-sized counterparts, which can limit its towing capacity. These smaller engines also tend to be less powerful and less fuel efficient than larger engines found on full-size pickups.

The size of these trucks also makes them less desirable for families or those who need more cargo space. The lack of an extended or crew cab means that there is no extra room for passengers or cargo in the back seat area. Additionally, the shorter wheelbase of these trucks limits their ability to handle larger loads or navigate more challenging terrain.

However, for those looking for a smaller, more maneuverable truck that can still do some light hauling and off-road capability, the single cab short bed truck can be an attractive option. These trucks are often cheaper than their full-size counterparts and they can provide better fuel economy due to their smaller engines.


So does anyone make a single cab short bed truck? Yes, but they are few and far between compared to other types of pickups on the market. They tend to have smaller engines that are less powerful and less fuel efficient than larger pickups, but they may be more attractive for those who need a smaller vehicle with off-road capability or who don’t need all the extra space that comes with bigger trucks.

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