Does Cadillac Still Make a Pickup Truck?

Does Cadillac Still Make a Pickup Truck?

Cadillac is a brand that needs no introduction. The company has been producing some of the world’s most iconic luxury cars for over a century. But what many people may not know is that the company also made pickup trucks.

The first production Cadillac pickup truck was the Type 59, which was produced between 1937 and 1940. It was based on the GMC K-Series and had a 3-speed manual transmission, an inline six-cylinder engine, and a four-wheel drive system. The Type 59 was relatively popular in its time, but it was eventually replaced by the more modern GMC C/K pickups in 1959.

In the 1970s, Cadillac took another stab at making a pickup truck with the Cadillac Seville Pickup Truck. This model was based on the iconic Seville sedan and featured many of the same luxuries and features as its predecessor.

It was powered by a 5.7L V8 engine and came with either an automatic or manual transmission option. Unfortunately, this truck never truly caught on with buyers and it was discontinued in 1981 after only two years of production.

Since then, Cadillac has not made any other pickups. The company does have plans to produce a new crossover SUV called the XT7 but it is unlikely that they will ever produce another pickup truck again.

Overall, Cadillac has had limited success when it comes to producing pickups trucks in its history. While they may have plans to make more crossovers in the future, it seems unlikely that they will ever make another pickup truck again anytime soon.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Cadillac no longer makes any pickup trucks at this time and there are no plans to do so in the foreseeable future either. However, they do have plans to produce more crossovers SUVs such as their upcoming XT7 model instead of traditional pickups trucks going forward.

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