Does Dodge Ram Make a Small Pickup Truck?

For years, Dodge Ram has been known for their larger-sized pickup trucks. However, not everyone needs a full-size pickup truck. There are many needs that require a smaller and more compact truck, which is why there is the question of whether Dodge Ram makes a small pickup truck.

Dodge Ram Does Make a Small Pickup Truck

The answer to this question is yes, Dodge does make a smaller pickup truck. It’s called the Ram 1500 Classic.

This vehicle has all of the features of a mid-size pickup truck but with a smaller design. It comes equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and offers up to 395 horsepower. The standard bed size is 6’4″ and the vehicle can tow up to 10,710 pounds when properly equipped.

The Ram 1500 Classic also offers some impressive safety features such as adaptive cruise control with stop, blind spot monitoring, rear cross path detection, trailer sway control, and advanced multistage airbags. All these features help make the Ram 1500 Classic one of the safest small pickups on the market.

Other Models From Dodge

In addition to the Ram 1500 Classic, Dodge also makes other models of small pickups such as the Dakota and Durango. Both offer similar features to the Classic model but come with different engine options and other features. The Dakota is powered by either a V6 or V8 engine while the Durango comes with either a diesel or gas engine.


In conclusion, it is clear that Dodge does make small pickups in addition to its larger models. The Ram 1500 Classic offers all of the features you would expect from any mid-size pickup truck but in a smaller package. Other models from Dodge such as the Dakota and Durango also offer similar features but come with different engine options.

Does Dodge Ram Make A Small Pickup Truck?: Yes, Dodge does make small pickup trucks such as the Ram 1500 Classic as well as other models like the Dakota and Durango which offer similar features but come with different engine options.

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