Does Ford Make a Regular Cab Pickup Truck?

Today, Ford has come to be known for its wide variety of pickup trucks. Whether it’s the Super Duty or the Ranger, Ford has a pickup truck for every job. But does Ford make a regular cab pickup truck?

The answer is yes, Ford does make regular cab pickup trucks. In fact, they have been manufacturing them since 1948 when they first introduced their F-Series.

The F-Series has become one of the most iconic lines of trucks in the world and is still being produced today. Despite its age, it remains one of the most popular pickups due to its reliability and classic good looks.

Ford’s regular cab pickups come in a variety of trim levels including XL, XLT, and Lariat. The XL is the base model and features a single cab design with two doors, seating for up to three passengers, and a bed length of either 6’6″ or 8’2″.

The XLT adds more amenities such as power windows, power locks, and cruise control, as well as an optional 4×4 drivetrain. Finally, the Lariat gives you all the bells and whistles including leather seats and an upgraded audio system.

In addition to the F-Series, Ford also offers several other regular cab pickups such as the Ranger and Super Duty models. The Ranger is a compact truck that comes in either a two-door or four-door configuration with seating for up to five passengers.

It also offers an optional 4×4 drivetrain for off-roading adventures. Meanwhile, the Super Duty models are built for heavy-duty work with larger engines and more rugged construction.

Overall, Ford offers a great selection of regular cab pickup trucks suitable for both work and leisure activities. Whether you need something that can tackle tough jobs or just want something reliable for taking your family out on trips, there’s a Ford truck out there that will meet your needs.

Conclusion: So to answer our original question: Does Ford make a regular cab pickup truck? Yes they do! They offer several different models that can fit any lifestyle or job requirement.

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