Does Ford Sell Truck Bed Covers?

If you own a Ford truck, you may be wondering if Ford sells truck bed covers. The answer is yes, they do.

Ford offers a variety of covers designed specifically for their trucks. Whether you’re looking for a hard or soft cover, there’s sure to be something in the Ford lineup that will fit your needs.

The covers offered by Ford are designed to fit a wide range of trucks, from the F-150 and Super Duty to the Ranger and even some of the older models. They come in various sizes and styles, so there’s sure to be one that meets your needs. With a great selection of colors and materials, you can choose from heavy-duty vinyl or lightweight cloth – whatever fits the look of your truck best.

Ford truck bed covers are designed to keep your cargo safe from the elements, whether it’s rain, snow or wind. They can help reduce drag for better fuel efficiency and keep things like dust and dirt out of your bed. Plus, they can help protect expensive items like tools and equipment from theft.


Installing a Ford truck bed cover is relatively affordable and easy to do yourself with basic tools. Most come with all the hardware you need, including detailed instructions on how to install it properly. Some require drilling holes into the bed rails while others simply clamp onto them.


The cost of a Ford truck bed cover depends on several factors such as size, type (hard or soft), brand and features like locks or lighting. Generally speaking, covers range anywhere from $200 – $1000 depending on what you’re looking for.


In conclusion, yes – Ford does sell truck bed covers for their trucks. With various sizes and styles available as well as easy installation options and reasonable pricing – these covers provide protection from the elements as well as security for valuable cargo.

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