Does GM Make a Small Pickup Truck?

Does GM Make a Small Pickup Truck?

General Motors, or GM, is one of the largest automakers in the world with a wide range of vehicle offerings. They have become well known for their full-size pickup trucks such as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. But does GM make a small pickup truck?

The answer to this question is yes; however, it depends on the market. In North America, GM currently does not offer any small pickup trucks in its lineup. However, in other markets around the world, such as South America and Asia Pacific, there are some small pickups offered by GM – such as the Chevrolet Montana in Brazil and the Holden Ute in Australia.

In North America, GM has not offered a small pickup truck since 2012 when they discontinued the Chevrolet Colorado. The Colorado was offered from 2004 to 2012 and was powered by either an inline 4-cylinder or V6 engine. It was considered to be a mid-size pickup truck but by today’s standards it would be classified as a small pickup.

GM recently announced that they are planning to reintroduce a mid-size pickup truck back into their lineup sometime in 2022. This new model will be based on their global midsize platform and is expected to share many components with other midsize pickups such as Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator. It also said that this new model will be sold globally so it is possible that it will eventually make its way into North America at some point in time.

GM has not released any details yet on what kind of engine or powertrain options this new mid-size truck will have but it is likely that it will offer both gasoline and diesel engines. It is also likely that this new truck will be offered with either rear wheel drive or four wheel drive depending on customer preference.

In conclusion, while GM does not currently offer any small pickups in North America, they are planning to reintroduce a mid-size pickup truck sometime in 2022 which could eventually make its way into North American markets if successful enough overseas. Until then though, there are still some smaller pickups available from other automakers such as Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma if you are looking for something smaller than what GM currently offers.

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