Does GMC Make a Short Bed Truck?

General Motors Corporation (GMC) is one of the leading truck manufacturers in the world, producing some of the most popular vehicles on the market. GMC has a wide variety of truck options for consumers to choose from, including a range of bed sizes.

Does GMC make a short bed truck? The answer is yes, GMC does make short bed trucks.

GMC’s short bed trucks come in two main categories – regular cab and crew cab. The regular cab short beds are typically smaller and lighter than their crew cab counterparts and are designed to be more maneuverable on congested city streets.

They have an overall length of just over six feet with a five-foot-six-inch bed. This makes them perfect for those who need to navigate tight spaces or utilize their truck in an urban environment.

The crew cab short beds are slightly larger than their regular cab counterparts and have an overall length just over seven feet with a six-foot-six-inch bed. This makes them ideal for those who need more interior space or need to haul larger items such as furniture or ATVs. They also offer more legroom for passengers in the backseat.

No matter what your needs are, GMC has a short bed truck that can meet them. All of their models come with powerful engines and innovative features such as automatic braking systems and high tech infotainment systems that make driving more enjoyable. Plus, they offer great warranties and customer service that will ensure your satisfaction.


In conclusion, GMC does indeed make short bed trucks for both regular cabs and crew cabs, offering drivers a wide range of options depending on their needs. With powerful engines, innovative features, great warranties and customer service, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the best trucks on the market when you choose GMC.

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