Does Goldberg Still Have a Monster Truck?

Monster trucks have become an integral part of American pop culture, but are they still relevant in the modern age? Does Goldberg still have a monster truck?

The answer is yes, Goldberg does still have a monster truck. Goldberg is a professional wrestler who has been competing since 1997.

He has made a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling and gained a considerable amount of fame thanks to his larger-than-life persona. As part of his over-the-top character, Goldberg decided to purchase a monster truck.

The truck that he purchased was called ‘Goldberg’s Monster Jam’, and it was an iconic sight during his wrestling career. The truck featured a huge engine and massive tires that allowed it to do huge jumps and stunts. It was also equipped with various sound effects such as roaring engines and loud horns, which added to the excitement whenever it drove around the ring.

In 2002, Goldberg decided to retire from professional wrestling in order to focus on other ventures. His Monster Jam truck was retired along with him, but it appears that he still owns it. In recent years, he has been seen driving around town in the same truck that he used during his wrestling career.


Yes, Goldberg still has a monster truck. The iconic vehicle is still around today after all these years, having been retired along with him when he retired from professional wrestling in 2002. While its use may be limited today compared to what it used to be like during Goldberg’s time in the ring, it’s nice to know that this piece of pop culture history is still alive and kicking!

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