Does Hyundai Make a New Pickup Truck?

Does Hyundai Make a New Pickup Truck?

Hyundai has been expanding its lineup of vehicles for years now, and many drivers are wondering if the brand is planning to expand into the pickup truck market. After all, many other major automakers are already competing in this space and offering a variety of reliable and capable trucks.

Hyundai is no stranger to developing highly capable vehicles, from its electric Kona crossover to its Sonata sedan. The automaker even offers a rugged SUV in the form of the Santa Fe. So, could Hyundai be planning to manufacture a pickup truck?

The short answer is that Hyundai does not currently have plans to develop a pickup truck, at least not any that have been announced publicly. However, that doesn’t mean that plans won’t change in the future.

Hyundai has made other changes to its lineup in recent years, such as introducing an electric vehicle and making improvements to existing models. It’s possible that the company may choose to enter the pickup truck market at some point in the future if it sees an opportunity for success there.

In the meantime, however, Hyundai has plenty of other models available for drivers who need a reliable and capable vehicle. From SUVs like the Santa Fe to sedans like the Sonata or hatchbacks like the Kona Electric, there are plenty of options available from this automaker.

Hyundai has shown that it is committed to innovation with its current lineup of vehicles and will likely continue to make improvements in this area as time goes on. Whether or not this includes entering into competition with other automakers in the pickup truck market remains unknown for now, but it’s something worth keeping an eye on for those who are interested in this segment of vehicles.


At present time, Hyundai does not have plans to develop a pickup truck but may choose to enter into competition with other automakers in this segment if they see an opportunity for success there. For now though, drivers can rely on Hyundai’s current lineup of vehicles which include SUVs like Santa Fe and sedans like Sonata or hatchbacks like Kona Electric for their reliable and capable needs.

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