Does Jeep Make a 2 Door Pickup Truck?

The Jeep brand has been synonymous with off-roading and rugged vehicles since its inception. The company is known for making some of the most durable and reliable vehicles in the world. While the company has made a variety of different vehicles over the years, one type of vehicle they have never produced is a two-door pickup truck.

Jeep has certainly dabbled in the pickup truck market over the years, producing a few different models including the Gladiator, Scrambler, Comanche, and J10.

All of these models featured four doors, but none ever offered two-door variants. This was likely due to their focus on off-roading capabilities and utility rather than passenger comfort or convenience. With four doors, Jeep could offer more room for cargo and passengers than with just two doors.

Two-door pickups are still quite popular among those looking for smaller, more maneuverable trucks that can still handle off-roading duties. However, Jeep has yet to offer such a model in their lineup—at least not officially. There are aftermarket companies that offer conversions to turn existing Jeep models into two-door pickups.

These conversions can be quite expensive and may not be as reliable as an official Jeep model would be. They also tend to lack some of the features that make Jeeps so popular such as removable doors and tops or other off-roading modifications.


In conclusion, it does not appear that Jeep currently makes a two door pickup truck. While there are aftermarket options available for those who want one, these often lack some of the features that make Jeeps so popular such as removable doors or tops or other off-roading modifications – making them potentially less reliable than an official Jeep model would be.

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