Does Lincoln Still Make a Pickup Truck?

The Lincoln Motor Company has a long and storied history of producing luxury cars, but many people don’t know that they used to make pickup trucks as well. In the mid-twentieth century, Lincoln was a popular choice for those looking for a quality pickup truck, but the company stopped production in 1959.

The Lincoln pickups were designed to be both stylish and durable, and they featured striking designs that looked more like cars than traditional pickups. They were powered by a variety of engines including V8s, inline sixes, and even flathead V12s. The trucks also featured all-wheel drive capabilities, making them ideal for those who needed to traverse rough terrain or haul heavy loads.

The last of the Lincoln pickups was the 1958 Mark III, which featured an updated design with a wraparound windshield and tailfins. This model was also available with a wide range of options including air conditioning, power windows, power brakes, and power steering. Unfortunately for fans of the brand, this would be the last year of production as Lincoln decided to focus their efforts on producing luxury cars instead.

Over sixty years have passed since Lincoln stopped producing pickup trucks, and in that time there have been no signs that they are planning on bringing them back any time soon. The company currently focuses solely on luxury vehicles such as the Navigator SUV and Continental sedan. As such, it seems unlikely that we will ever see another pickup truck from Lincoln any time soon.

So does Lincoln still make a pickup truck? Unfortunately not – while they used to produce pickup trucks in the past, they are now solely focused on producing luxury cars and SUVs instead.

That being said, there are plenty of other companies out there that produce quality pickup trucks if you’re looking for one! Conclusion: Does Lincoln still make a pickup truck? No – while they used to produce them in the past, they are now focused exclusively on producing luxury cars and SUVs instead.

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